Top Benefits of Inbouwspots

About Inbouwspots


Inbouwpots, or spot lamps, confer many benefits to home dwellers and commercial businesses. LED lamps, in particular, offer tremendous value, beauty, lighting and safety features as well. There are a few, salient reasons why you should invest in these lamps today, and give your home an added look of luxury.

Benefit 1: Long Life

If you purchase quality Inbouwspots (particularly LED lights), you can anticipate an extensive working life. This can save you a substantial investment down the line. LED lights may offer an average of 10+ years of continuous operation. If you use these lights only half the time, you will get almost 20 years of operation.

Benefit 2: Environmentally Friendly

In the age of environmental hazards and climate change, you want to be apart of the solution, not the problem. Led Inbouwspots are an eco-friendly alternative to halogen or fluorescent lighting. They release substantially less, harmful, atmospheric compounds, compared to traditional lighting sources. Therefore, you can benefit your environment if you make a small invest in these lights. While LED lamps may cost slightly more than traditional bulbs, their advantages outweigh their costs.

Keuken led inbouwspots

Benefit 3: Energy Efficiency

If you are seeking energy efficient bulbs that maximize their use of power (while releasing less heat), then consider Inbouw spots, instead of traditional bulbs. Everyday light bulbs use only 20% of the energy, while squandering 80% in the form of heat or pollutants. Whereas, LED lights utilize 80% of their energy, offering maximum efficiency. Therefore, LED lamps will save you money on your electrical bill and use electricity in a constructive manner.

Benefit 4: No UV Emissions

These lights do not emit UV radiation, which is another significant advantage. Furthermore, they release negligible amount of UV radiation as well. Therefore, these lights are perfect to surfaces and materials that are susceptible to both heat and UV radiation.

Benefit 5: Weather Resistant

Whether your lights are in the frigid cold of winter, or the sweltering heat of summer, they will continue functioning normally. Inbouwspots are designed to withstand a host of weather conditions. So, these make an ideal investment, especially if you live in a harsh or extreme climate.

Benefit 6: Design Potential

These lights have amazing design potential. They can be used for accent purposes, or even to make a unique statement of your own. They can also be installed for safety purposes as well. You can arrange them in a variety or orientations to achieve the desired effect.


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