Rooms Where Inbouwspots Work Well

LED inbouwspots are making a splash in interior decorating and lighting for homes and workspaces around the world. Increasing in popularity over the last few decades, inbouwspots LED help to open up your space, providing additional room to navigate. They are also fantastic for how they help to visually unite the room by providing an unbroken line of site along the ceiling. For these reasons and more, we review rooms where inbouwspots have been shown to work particularly well.

1. Bathrooms

One of the most popular options, bathrooms often have a lot of challenges when it comes to lighting. There is the humidity caused by water and the issues with limited space. Downlight housing can provide a semi-sealed environment where you can get light without risking damage to the circuitry. It also helps to tuck the light discreetly out of the way, making even small bathrooms appear larger. If nothing else, the glass panel that separates the bathroom from the housing will ensure that even with frequent splashing, you will still get a steady stream of light.

2. Kitchens

Popular uses for inbouwspots LED are above a counter. Replacing lights that are hanging down, these lights instead help to open up the space visually and unite every part of the kitchen. While LED spots increase the hassle of having to find a ladder or step stool to replace the bulb, they make up for it by being well constructed and requiring less frequent replacement. In addition, the spits, splatters, and food particles have less of a chance of accumulating on the surface of the LED inbouwspots as they are built into the ceiling and hence are out of the way.

3. Interior Hallways

A string of inbouwspots can help to illuminate even the gloomiest hallway. Inbouwspots LED provide a natural glow that can trick the eye into looking like the light is coming from outside. This can help to make closed off spaces feel far more often while providing a steady stream of light that unites the room.

4. Closets

With free space as a premium, inbouw spots can help you put a few more things in your closet without breaking the blub. Securing the bulb behind a glass protective sheet, you get the peace of mind that comes from having a bulb that you cannot damage. In addition, consider installing the LED spots along the back wall to help better illuminate the space.


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